Thursday, December 31, 2015


It is health care product that uses laser  irradiation & mechanical librating massage on accupoints & is based on resonant absorption of biological electric field , lumichrome   in last medical science, and traditional Chinese medicine ,s  acupuncture theories & clinical developmental of recent thirty years. It has been proven to have special effects on dredging the channels, adjusting viscera, s qi & blood, improving the whole immunity, strengthening blood circulation & activating   cells.

Product Features:
As a health care apparatus, it has wide application & shows following health benefits
A. Laser Acupuncture Healthcare
   1. Laser beam has stimulant effects on acupuncture points
    2. Laser beam can improve human immunity & can be used to adjust the imbalanced immunity network & improve physical strength.
     3. Improve blood circulation, digestion & endocrine system.
B. Laser Beauty Care & Skin massage
    1. Recovering skin resilience & maintaining skin tenderness.
                           2. Improving skin smoothness.
     3. Treating acne, pigmentation & chloasme.

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