Thursday, December 31, 2015


It is health care product that uses laser  irradiation & mechanical librating massage on accupoints & is based on resonant absorption of biological electric field , lumichrome   in last medical science, and traditional Chinese medicine ,s  acupuncture theories & clinical developmental of recent thirty years. It has been proven to have special effects on dredging the channels, adjusting viscera, s qi & blood, improving the whole immunity, strengthening blood circulation & activating   cells.

Product Features:
As a health care apparatus, it has wide application & shows following health benefits
A. Laser Acupuncture Healthcare
   1. Laser beam has stimulant effects on acupuncture points
    2. Laser beam can improve human immunity & can be used to adjust the imbalanced immunity network & improve physical strength.
     3. Improve blood circulation, digestion & endocrine system.
B. Laser Beauty Care & Skin massage
    1. Recovering skin resilience & maintaining skin tenderness.
                           2. Improving skin smoothness.
     3. Treating acne, pigmentation & chloasme.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Story Writing

Story Writing
T he young or the old, all enjoy njoye hearing and rearing stories .
Interesting stories particularly appeal to everyone. Here are some important
Points which will go a long way in making a story interesting and impressive;
1.           It should have a clear and well planned plot.
2.           The events should follow in natural order.
3.           It should be in simple English.
4.           Dialogues should be impressive and worded as naturally as possible.
5.           It should always be in the past tense
6.          There should be on grammatical mistaked .
7.          It should have some suspense for the reader, to make the story have a strong grip.
8.        Practice makes a man perfect; holds good in the case of story writing too.
Developing a story from a given outline is easier than writing one on a heading or a moral. Whatever the case the conclusion or the end should be handsomely drawn and moral ( if any ) should follow in a natural and clear way.

          Develop the following outline into a readable story;
A farmer has there sons_ they keep on quarrelling_ father advises again and again but to on effect_ falls seriously ill_ sends for the sons_ asks them to bring a handful of sticks _ ties them into a bundle_ asks them to break single sticks _ they easily break_ lesson_ united we stand ,divided we fall.

Complete story
Once a farmer had three grown_ up sons .They always  quarreled among themselves .Their father advised them to live in peace but it had no effect on them.

Sunday, December 27, 2015


the health care apparatus adopts the international advanced  intermediate frequency electrotherapy  thermotherapy magnetotherapy and set up multi treatment modes with the most optimizwt ways according to the clinicl practical situation which is auto-controlled jby cures the affected parts deeply and bring sone kind treatment of treatment healing current in the affected parts which accelerates the disapparing of  inflammation.

health benefits;  
the physical the rapy apparatus can be used in condions like prolapse of lumber intervertebral disc strain of  lumber muscle lumbago and backache, arthritis,cervical spondylopathy,demnification of arthrosis and parenchyma it provides;
1-ease in pain
2-acceleration of the blood circulation of body parts of body.