Monday, February 9, 2015

ghizer cultures

strict ghizer is rich in variety of cultures mainly, ishkoman , yaseen and gupis.Each region has its owpn typical cultures.different languages (dialects) are spoken in these regions. Shine,khowar, brushiski and wakhi dialects are spoken in  this district.Some cultures are common in four of the regions such as music,folklores and folk tales they celebrate some typicul festovals. In punial,shislogot  and doankha are celebrated in the beginning and at the end of their traditional year. in Yaseen  takhum raisy festival is celebrated in march .marriages are celebrated more or less in a same way.Music(tamasha)is thrvital part of marriage ceremonies

Saturday, February 7, 2015

What is heating and cooling?

Touch something hot and your senses immediately tell you to pull your hand away. hotness is about the amount of heat energy an object has.

a spark from a firework may be very hot but it will not hurt very much becuse it does not contain much heat energy/however,even though a cup of tea may not be very hot,it can still burn the tongue because it contains a lot of heat energy

Friday, February 6, 2015

refraction in different materials

when light enters a material at an angle, it changes direction because its speed changes. if the material is very dense, the light slows down more and so the refraction is greater

apparent depth

one of the effects of refraction is that the brain can be tricked into thinking that things are in a different place from where they really the bottom of a pool of water...