Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What Does Home Mean to You?

A warm bed that you can’t get out of in the morning, a tiny pink toothbrush in the bathroom, and the sound of my husband’s key in the door at the end of the day.
Dena Nilsen
Charlotte, North Carolina

My husband and I moved our family 10 times over a period of 22 years. Before we became nomads, we thought of home as where we had grown up. (Iowa for him, Delaware for me.) Now that we’re adults, home is wherever we gather with our family and friends. Houses get bought and sold; a home stays with you always.
Joel Melsha
Winter Garden, Florida

Anywhere my kids are.
Millie Ayala
Northport, New York

The sensation of peace on a cozy, rainy Sunday; the feeling of relief when you pull into the driveway after a long trip; a quiet kiss on the head of a baby asleep in my lap; and the warmth of my husband’s arms. Home has been many places for me over the years, but its comforts are defined by simple, blissful moments like these.
Sarah Bernard
Somersworth, New Hampshire

Home is a place you can feel comfortable cooking breakfast in your pajamas.
Danielle Halloran
Folsom, California

A clean, fresh, lemon-scented living room, open windows, plenty of sun and warmth everywhere, and my mother’s cheese pie baking in the oven.
Thei Zervaki
New York, New York

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